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Advertisement propaganda


            Advertising is a communication form with the main aim of persuading the audience to buy a product that is on offer in the market. Some aspects must be included in an advert in order to make the product or service on offer recognizable in the market. This includes the name or brand and the benefits that the said product has to offer to the buyer. Adverts must be captivating to the intended audience and must pass the intended message. According to Pratkanis and Aronson (121), there are aspects that should be included in an advert in order to communicate effectively with the audience. These aspects are

            Pre-persuasion, which is about a decision, has been crafted and it entails what everyone takes for granted. Developing an idea based on a simple thing plays a significant role in attracting the audience. Source credibility is creating an image, which every one would like to be associated with it. A message that captures the attention of the audience is important in an advert. Last but not the least; an advert should control the emotions of the viewer in order to prevent them from deviating from intended purpose of the advert.

            Advertisement is important for every product, new or old, if it has to have a competitive edge in the market. Having a product in the market that is not advertised is like blinking in the dark, since nobody will notice it (Clow and Baack 167). In order for a company to keep on running, it has to have enough revenue for paying its employees as well as other expenses. In the manufacturing sector most of company’s revenue comes from selling the finished products. Coca Cola Company is an international company that has stayed afloat for a very long time.

            A Coke TV ad shows a young man sleeping in the woods, when an army of different species of insects collaborates to take his bottle of Coke soda. This advert is very captivating since it is based on the simple things that every body takes for granted. Sleeping in the woods is an enjoyable thing especially when a person has been living in the city. Since you are alone keeping your bottle of Coke a few feet away from you, will just be the normal thing to do. The person will be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and most likely, he will have a very heavy and peaceful sleep. The young man having been used to noises and peoples’ commotions happens to be alone in the woods whereby sleep takes the better part of him (The Coca Cola Company). .

            In the woods, there are no big animals, so the young man is least worried about what is happening around him. Since there is no one close to him who can drink his coke, he seems to forget about it and place a few feet from where he is sleeping. The only threat around this young man is insects of different species that have to form collaboration, since there is only one bottle of Coke. The insects are thoughtful of their action and that is why some posed as a Coke bottle to stupefy the young man if he wakes before the mission is over. A single insect is not able to carry the bottle away from the owner let alone open it. This is the reason why the insects have to act as a unit.

            Pratkanis and Aronson note an advertiser can “Arouse an emotion and then offer the target a way of responding to the emotion that just happens to be the desired course of action” (Pratkanis, Pratkanis, and Aronson 234). The ad arouses an emotion on the importance of Coke to every one and shows that you should not take it for granted. This shows how important the Coke is to everyone around you. If insects can decide to steal your Coke, what will human beings do? Before the person who is watching the advert begins to ask what the insects’ intentions are, they go ahead and open the bottle. With the bottle open, every insect is eager to a sip of the precious liquid flowing on the rocks. The audience is not able to deviate from the message being passed and arouses the emotion of taking a sip just like the insects. Towards the end of the advert, no one remembers the sleeping young man since every body is focused on the soda. The Coke soda in the advert is made to look so precious than the one every body knows. After the advert, one sees the insects as heroes who have been able to steal from a human being because of his ignorance on the importance of Coke.

            The advert does not concentrate on the forms of passing the message since the advertiser is aware that he is in total control of the viewer’s emotions. If an advert would employ all the aspects as conveyed by Pratkanis and Aronson there would a high probability of mixing ideas. The ad is one of the best to have ever been produced by the Coca Cola Company since the viewer notices that each and everything around values Coke.

            In another Coke TV ad, a young man is seated on a bench next to a young woman. All over a sudden, the young man starts to make the sound of a ringing cell phone. He then fumbles in his pack only to come out with a bottle of Coke and goes ahead to make a call using the bottle. Immediately afterwards he passes the Coke soda to the young woman and gestures to her to continue talking to the “phone.” The ad relies heavily on pre-persuasion since it draws the audience close by pushing it to want to know what the young man wants to say after taking the phone. The young man creates the impression that a bottle of Coke is more important than a cell phone. The young man wants to pass a message to the young woman. Instead of sending an SMS using a cell phone, he sends it via a bottle of Coke. A young man who is seated in the same bench with a young woman will generally start a conversation. This is what makes the ad interesting to the viewer. Every body expects the young man to start a conversation with the young woman but they do not expect the conversation to start in that way.

            According to Pratkanis and Aronson “what everyone takes for granted even if it shouldn’t be and should, instead, be taken as a point of discussion.” (Pratkanis, Pratkanis, and Aronson 234). This is clearly employed in the ad because having a bottle of Coke in you pocket is a normal thing but it is the basis of this advert. It may look as a simple way of starting a conversation but the advert has already drawn the attention of the viewer immediately after the two are seen sitting next to another. In order to show that they are strangers each one of them is seated at the corner of the bench, far apart. The young man does not know how to start the conversation but he seems to remember that he has a Coke bottle in his pack. When the young woman realizes that the young man has a bottle of Coke, and not a cell phone she is ready to start a conversation with the young man. Pre-persuasion is an important aspect in advertising because it creates a friendly atmosphere between the viewer and the ad in question.

            On the other hand, the young man displays confidence as he hands the young woman the Coke bottle to make a call. This creates the confidence that is mentioned by Pratkanis and Aronson in source credibility since it gives the viewer the confidence of approaching a stranger and initiating a conversation. If the audience has the right impression of the image they are seeing, then chances are high that they will want to be associated with the said product. People buy what they want to be associated with but not necessarily, what is the best. This is the reason why creating an impression of confidence is important in every advert (The Coca Cola Company).

            The two ads discussed above pass the messages to intended audience and leave the audience with a desire to have a Coke irrespective of the time they have seen the advert. Coca Cola Company acknowledges that people are used to having Coke soda with them all time. This is the reason why they base their advertising ideas on simple things that every body does in his or her ever day life. The young man in the woods is used to having a Coke every day so when he gets to the woods he does not seem to care much about the bottle. Similarly, the young man seated on a bench has a bottle of Coke in his pack but he does not know whether it can come in handy. This shows that there is a very high probability that the target market has had a Coke even if it is once before they see the advert. The intention of the Coca Cola Company is to remind the audience on the importance of drinking a Coke soda occasionally. The adverts do not necessarily target those who have never heard about the product.

            The ads used for coke soda attempt to control American mental life. Americans like relaxing in parks and as shown in the second ad it is ideal to have a Coke in your pack as you head to the park this creates a feeling that a person who does not have one is out of the place. When a person wants to relax in the woods where the place is quiet, s/he can also take a Coke with him as he escapes the city’s life of noise and many people passing here and there. Most Americans live in cities and they usually take some time to stroll in quiet places where they enjoy sceneries on their own. Taking coke is shown as a means of socialization since people will interact as they think in a similar way. However, the ads pass the message in a persuasive way but in the end, they show each bottle of Coke is important. Coke, being a leading soft drink manufacturer in the world acknowledges most of the people worldwide have an idea of their products. Their adverts emphasize on the quality that they have been offering to the consumer over the years in order to make sure that the buyers do not go to the competitors.

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